Nishi Building Acton

Project Features

  • Existing mechanical service and maintenance contract
  • 20,000 sqm twelve storey commercial office building plus-storey underground car park
  • Constructed in 2011
  • Combination of open plan offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms and breakout spaces
  • Central HVAC serving mixed-mode office floors incorporating a combination of VAV and constant volume areas
  • Schneider Building Management System
  • Benmax deployed and managed FDD via CIM’s ‘PEAK’ analytics package
  • Year on Year reduction to date continues to improve: Electricity: 7%; Gas: 7%; GHG emissions: 62 tons CO2-e
Year Completed

Project Details

“Comfort complaints have reduced to zero”

Benmax were engaged by Centuria and Colliers to expand upon our existing mechanical maintenance contract at Nishi Building, Acton, to provide energy management services. The building holds a 5 Star NABERS Base Building Energy Rating. This service was scoped to include monthly data driven maintenance activities designed to be incorporated into both the BMS and mechanical maintenance schedules so that equipment that requires attention can be targeted and rectified sooner while technicians are on site. This strategy was also able to avoid unnecessary energy consumption or call outs due to tenant complaints. The energy management services are enabled and delivered with the aid of CIM’s analytics and fault detection/diagnostics platform “PEAK”.  Additional to monthly maintenance activities, Benmax are providing energy monitoring and tracking services so that any deviations in performance can be investigated and rectified before the next scheduled NABERS rating is carried out.

Active optimisation and monitoring activities commenced in Q3 2021 and over the following 6 months numerous opportunities were identified through a combination of site visits, design reviews and insights raised by the PEAK platform. These opportunities were identified before they created issues for the building occupants and included, but are not limited to:

  • Economy cycle control sequence optimisation and damper control revision
  • Extended and unnecessary plant operation
  • Faulty AHU control dampers
  • Faulty AHU CHW valves (seizing)
  • AHU HHW valves passing water at 0% position
  • AHU attenuators removed as a result of excessive airflow resistance and regenerated noise
  • Faulty or underperforming VAV controllers
  • CO2 sensor out of calibration
  • Improved boiler control sequence
  • Improved AHU supply air temperature control sequence.
Electricity reduction: 7%
Gas reduction: 7%
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction: 62 tons CO2-e

The next target for the building is to extend the lead over and above the current benchmark and achieve 6 Star NABERS Base Building rating.

A key component to the success of this project was the collaboration in workflows between Facilities Management, BMS maintenance, and Benmax’s mechanical maintenance teams, each bringing a unique but necessary aspect to the building’s performance improvement.

Energy monitoring, tuning, optimisation, and automated fault detection services for award-winning 20,000 sqm commercial office building located in Acton, Canberra.

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