We’re not just a team – we’re a family.

Our Team

At Benmax, we look after our own. We’re not just a team – we’re a family. We look after each other. We push each other to do our best work, because we all share an obsession for quality craftsmanship.

As a family-owned business, our team is one of longevity and we value their ongoing contribution. For our clients, this means ongoing stability as we are able to provide a single, reliable point of contact throughout your projects.

Our family background doesn’t mean small ideas, it means our team is nurtured in professional development and growth, and a strong sense of pride, innovation and trust within the team is abound. This is seamlessly transferred into our client interactions.

No more navigating through layers of emails from different points of contact – we’ll ensure your needs, concerns, and expectations are fully understood and met, resulting in a more streamlined and satisfactory experience in the complex world of HVAC building projects.

That’s why our award-winning team is known for our quality workmanship and we back that with robust customer service values and a personalised approach to our work.

We directly employ over 140 dedicated individuals that bring specialised skills and technical excellence to all areas of our business, from site-based tradespeople and technicians to project managers and business administrators.

Our board and management team bring together a range of successful individuals with extensive experience, local insight and diverse perspectives to drive our business strategy, keep our team engaged and deliver exceptional client service.


team members


have worked with us for 10+ years




employees with 25+ years of service


employees with 20 years of service


employees with 15 years of service


employees with 10 years of service

Locals do it better.

Our Benmax family

Founding Partners

, Benmax

Mick Polsen

, Benmax

Andrew Kolber

, Benmax

Ivan Pavlovic


, Benmax

Scott Polsen

Managing Director

, Benmax

Robert Brozic


, Benmax

Andy Kolber



, Benmax

Steve Watt

General Manager, Canberra – Construction

, Benmax

Drew Blissett

General Manager, Canberra – Service

, Benmax

Emerson Hay

General Manager – Sydney

, Benmax

Daniel Maddocks

General Manager – Newcastle

, Benmax

Chris Kelly

Service Manager – Newcastle

, Benmax

Virgil Grosvenor

HSEQ Systems Manager – National

Our why

, Benmax
Why do we exist?
To provide healthy, safe and efficient indoor environments for people to live, work and play.
, Benmax
How do we behave?
We are passionate, knowledgeable, have pride in our work and follow through on what we say.
, Benmax
What do we do?
We design, build and maintain HVAC mechanical systems for commercial and industrial facilities.

Why Benmax?

We’ve spent three decades building our reputation. We’ve done that by doing a good job, getting another job.

We understand that the outcome speaks for itself. We strive to do the best we can every time. We won’t ever walk away, and we’ll never let you down!

When it comes to selecting a HVAC business, there’s no better choice than us. We don’t just design and construct projects; we ensure that your HVAC mechanical systems are expertly maintained and performing to their full potential. With a track record of excellence and a passion for delivering the best of the best, choosing Benmax is a guarantee of top-tier service and satisfaction.

Best practice is our standard. Learn more about us.

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