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HVAC Optimisation

HVAC systems are an essential service for most commercial businesses. However, HVAC systems are typically responsible for more than 50 per cent of a commercial buildings’ total energy consumption, contributing greatly to increased carbon emissions.

As a leading Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) provider, our HVAC Optimisation Services have been elevating our clients’ building’s environmental performance for decades.

We provide specialist services at all stages of the building lifecycle to minimise the environmental impact of its HVAC systems and to enhance sustainability. We understand the important role HVAC design and installation play in meeting energy efficiency targets. Design choices, materials, equipment selection, and use of the natural environment are important considerations, and we work closely with you to meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

From design through to construction and ongoing maintenance – our multi-faceted approach focuses on energy efficiency, electrification, cost savings and carbon emission reduction.

Our commitment to HVAC optimisation goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to sustainability, employing state-of-the-art technologies to enhance your building’s HVAC operations whilst minimising energy consumption.

Sustainably engineered for eco-friendly comfort.

Our HVAC Optimisation Capabilities

Our expert team will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your site to gain a full understanding of your HVAC system, equipment and its operation. This ensures our technicians know your mechanical services and can drive maximum value from the system. Ultimately, giving you and your asset a competitive edge as well as saving you money by reducing energy consumption

The Benmax team’s extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining HVAC mechanical systems gives our engineers a unique depth of understanding of the built environment and a valuable ability to identify and interpret building analytics insights. 

Using available information, we collaborate with you to prioritise repairs, maintenance activities, and to plan for proactive improvements to enhance the performance and longevity of your mechanical systems.

Centralised review, control and management of your building and its HVAC systems get the dedicated attention of our mechanical engineers. Monitoring, analysis, management and allocation of tasks are all carried out remotely. This means the quality and attention your assets receive is the same whether the building is local, interstate or even international. By adding integrated smart building technology to our best practice HVAC maintenance approach, over time we are able to support changes in your maintenance activities from preventive, to proactive.

The Benmax team is capable of meeting all of your service and maintenance needs. We offer a full suite of maintenance services, from general mechanical to chiller and heat pumps, tending to your assets with a mix of care, skill and decades of experience. As a result, your building will perform to its full potential — meaning cost savings, higher energy efficiency and environmental ratings and greater tenant satisfaction overall.

Energy management of your mechanical system is of primary importance to the performance of your building. Our expert team can assess and evaluate the operation of your system.

We share new ideas, technologies and control strategies to make your equipment perform better and provide monitoring and reporting solutions to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs without impacting user comfort.

Demand for greener buildings that consider their environmental impact are on the rise with governments, procurement teams, purchasers, and tenants. In Canberra, the ACT Government has committed to move away from fossil fuel gas to renewable electricity (by 2045), with further jurisdictions across Australia expected to follow, meaning commercial building managers need to plan and prepare for a future free from gas. This transition of existing gas-supplied systems to electricity is called electrification. The transition from gas to electricity will be extensive and require detailed planning. We can help you get there in a cost effective and timely manner.

With HVAC energy consumption typically responsible for more than 50 per cent of building energy consumption, our expertise is vital in assisting this transition.

NATA is Australia’s leading national accreditation body. As a NATA accredited business, we are capable of providing on-site mechanical testing and certification services to support organisations to meet their obligations for controlled environments, and ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

Our services include NATA testing and compliance, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter testing, supply and replacement, and compliance testing and validation of fume cupboards in accordance with Australian Standards.

Neglecting cooling tower maintenance can be costly and high-risk. Our skilled technicians can perform the routine checks and our engineering team can complete the risk assessments you need to ensure your equipment installation is compliant with legislated health requirements.

From inspecting and studying, cleaning and flushing, to servicing your mechanical equipment, we can identify and address issues early to ensure your system is performing at its best.

HVAC Optimisation Experience

After carrying out a NABERS Base Building Energy rating in 2020 and achieving a 5 Star result, Benmax identified the building’s potential for further improvement. With a revised target for the building set at 5.5 Stars, the team expanded on the existing mechanical service and maintenance agreement to carry out energy monitoring, and direct tuning and improvement activities.

Expanding upon our existing mechanical maintenance contract, the scope of works included monthly data driven maintenance activities designed to be incorporated into both the BMS and mechanical maintenance schedules so that equipment that requires attention can be targeted and rectified sooner, unnecessary energy consumption can be avoided, and call outs due to tenant complaints are significantly reduced. 

HVAC design specialists since 1986. Best practice is our standard.

We design, build and maintain specialised mechanical systems for commercial and industrial facilities to provide healthy, safe and efficient indoor environments for people to live, work and play. We’ve spent over three decades building our reputation. We’ve done that by doing a good job and getting another job.

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