National Archives of Australia

National Archives of Australia

Project Overview

Sector: Government, Health & Research
Location: Australia - Canberra
Year Completed: 2019

Project Features

  • Archival storage facility
  • Government facility
  • Refurbishment project
  • Critical climate conditions
  • Strict conditions to minimise temperature and humidity variations

Project Details

Awarded the mechanical services contract for the project by Construction Control, Benmax recently completed work on a major refurbishment of the National Archives of Australia storage facility located on Sandford Street, Canberra.

Constructed in 1981, the building was in need of a significant overhaul to ensure its integrity as a critical climate archival storage facility could be maintained. The facility is responsible for preserving records that reflect Australian history and identity and include paper records, audio-visual records and a digital archive. The facility requires critical climate conditions to minimise temperature and humidity variations within key areas of the building to ensure items stored within the facility are not damaged and do not deteriorate.

Wanting to maintain the exterior facade of the building, the project focused on a complete refurbishment of the building interior with the space effectively gutted to make room for the fit out of essential plant and services (ductwork and supply pipes), interior wall framing, ceiling panels etc.

The Benmax team delivered the mechanical services for the refurbishment project after spending much of 2019 on site completing works. The team successfully handed over the project in late 2019.

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