ANU Jaegar 8 Building

Project Features

  • 2,276 sqm gross floor area
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
  • Ecologically sustainable design controls
  • Mechanical heating and cooling range 20C – 26C
  • Individual temperature control within each office space
Year Completed

Project Details

ANU delivers ecologically sustainable teaching facility.

Working in partnership with Construction Control, Benmax successfully delivered the HVAC mechanical services for the ANU’s ecologically sustainable development, the Research School of Earth Science (Jaegar Building 8) in 2011.

Designed to achieve a 5-star energy rating, the building’s innovative sustainable design controls the internal temperatures by a hierarchy of measures with the least energy using measures utilised first. These measures include night pre-cooling of fabric/structure by ventilation, natural ventilation, forced ventilation (economy cycle), use of natural cooling effect stored in water tanks (night cooling of water by ambient air) and use of the mechanical cooling effect stored in water tank (night operation of chiller thus high COP).

Ventilation air is separately ducted to each occupied space allowing certainty and adjustability to suit changing occupation patterns. Ventilation air is a mixture of fresh air and gas phase air cleaner cleaned return air reducing outside air ingress and giving lower ventilation peak heat loads and lowering energy use.

Benmax successfully completed the project in 2011.


2012 ACT Master Builders Excellence Awards

  • Winner – Commercial Building $5 million to $10 million (Construction Control)
Mechanical services for ecologically sustainable new construction with 5 star energy rating.

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