ACT Law Courts

ACT Law Courts

Project Overview

Sector: Government
Location: Australia - Canberra
Year Completed: 2020

Project Features

  • Heritage listed site
  • Refurbishment of two existing buildings
  • Construction of new four storey building plus basement
  • Shared common central plant for all three buildings
  • Gas fired condensing hot water heaters
  • Air cooled screw chillers
  • Primary – secondary piping system with dedicated secondary pumps to serve each building

Project Details

Located in the Canberra CBD, the $150 million ACT Law Courts project will create a combined Law Courts facility for the ACT that will maximise operational efficiencies whilst still respecting the jurisdictional separation between the Supreme Court and the Magistrates Court.

Awarded the mechanical services contract for the project in mid-2016, the project will see the Benmax team on site until late 2019. In simple terms, the project will see the refurbishment of the existing Magistrates Court building, the existing (heritage listed) Supreme Court building stripped back to structure for a fresh fit out, and the construction of a new four storey building linking the existing structures to form one large ACT Law Courts development. One shared common central plant will service all three buildings across the site.

The project has experienced some delays and is due for completion in 2020.

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