HVAC Design

Design with an emphasis on the long-term outcome

We have been helping our clients to sleep easy knowing they can trust us to design and deliver leading solutions to their HVAC design (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) needs.

For almost four decades we’ve been building multifaceted HVAC systems that adapt to the demands of modern construction, with a focus on sustainable and flexible design. Our experience on the tools means we can provide innovative solutions to the most complex mechanical projects and has led to a solid reputation for our work and many long-term clients.

Across the world, HVAC design and installation is not only code required but essential for quality construction.

This is because a building’s HVAC design is integral to the initial stages of construction. A building’s HVAC system is complex, and it does more than just control air temperature. The HVAC design must be factored into the cost of installation, efficiency of the system and ongoing expenses in both maintenance and energy use.

Building design can change at every turn. Our HVAC design takes into consideration building durability, comfort and the IAQ (indoor air quality). It’s our job to ensure we design a mechanical system that provides a healthy, safe and efficient indoor environment for your people to live, work and play.

Our experienced team will provide invaluable support at every step of the process, from the initial consultation through to sketching and modelling.

Our priority is the work, 

and our work speaks for itself.

Our HVAC Capabilities

Advisory Services

As a leading provider of HVAC design, construction and maintenance services, our team of highly skilled specialists understand the built environment and have extensive experience across various building types and industry sectors.

Through our specialist knowledge, we provide accurate and unbiased advice, and take the time to listen and consider the right design solution to meet your specific needs.

Our team will review all aspects of your project to identify issues early, solve problems, and identify and eliminate unwanted costs. From system design recommendations and alternative equipment selections, to balancing constructions costs with long-term operating costs, we aim to satisfy your requirements without compromising on quality, function or performance.

Design for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

NABERS, NEBB and Green Star

The demand for environmentally friendly buildings that incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability solutions is on the rise. Design choices, materials, equipment selection, and use of the natural environment are important considerations in the design of your HVAC system, and we will work with you to meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Our expert team can assess and evaluate the operation of your system, share new ideas and technologies to make your equipment perform better, and provide monitoring and reporting solutions to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs without impacting user comfort.

Mechanical System Design and Engineering

We know our way around good design and we understand the value of getting it right first time. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your mechanical system, and you want that value to last. We’ll make sure we understand your requirements and design a mechanical system that meets the needs of your business, your building, and your end users.

Our team of trained technical experts will work with you to develop a customised and proactive maintenance program to meet the needs of your individual facility and to keep your critical assets and investment running smoothly.


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Integrated BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a highly effective tool in the design, construction and operation of a building and it’s a tool we’ve mastered. BIM enables real-time improvements in programming, productivity, site safety and fabrication strategies.

BIM is much more than a 3D model and due to geometry and stored data, the BIM software is able to update the model to reflect any changes that are made. This allows for a more collaborative and consistent process for all parties involved. 

We have the in-house expertise to show you the benefits, help you take advantage of the technology, and to bring your next project to life.

Concept Development and Evaluation

Our committed design team will stand by you as a trusted partner through every step of the concept development and evaluation process. We work with architects, consultants, builders and suppliers to design mechanical systems that match your vision and meet the requirements of modern commercial and industrial facilities – so you don’t have to.

By employing in-house craftspeople, we maintain control of the job and give you a single point of contact from start to finish.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Prefabrication (DfMA)

Construction projects are changing with prefabrication and modular fabrication driving increases in productivity, efficiency and safety. We are highly skilled in the use of prefabrication technology and can offer you a complete pre-engineered solution from concept development through to completion.

We utilise prefabrication design to streamline quality and delivery of multiple services within buildings, helping to reduce construction programs that can deliver significant project savings and cutting the installation time by half.

Seismic Engineering

We understand the significant impact seismic events can have on buildings. Our engineers are experienced in designing seismic resilient HVAC systems and can provide you with the advice, analysis and assessment services needed to deliver a stronger, resilient and compliant building.

Laser Scanning, Field Scanning and Photogrammetry

We are highly proficient in the use of modern digital documentation techniques to support efficient design processes and to minimise costly and timely design errors. Let us show you how capturing spatial data with high levels of accuracy and resolution can support and improve the delivery of your next project.

See some of our projects

Design Services Experience


Australian Data Centre

Benmax was contracted to undertake the design and construction of the Australian Data Centre’s Canberra-based facility offering 3,000m2 of Tier III design-certified technical space. The experience of the Benmax team in utilising building information modelling (BIM) on the project assisted in meeting the practical completion date, with the technology utilised for off-site pre-fabrication of the pipework and ductwork systems.

Calvary Bruce Private external 1

Calvary Bruce Private Hospital

Awarded the mechanical services contract for the building by AW Edwards Pty Ltd, the $62 million project further demonstrates our capacity for the design, supply, install and commissioning of work for complex health buildings. The new seven-storey building provides state of the art facilities and will initially open as a 94-bed facility, but has been designed with the capacity to further expand to a 156-bed facility in years to come.

3 Molonglo_gallery1

3 Molonglo Drive

Working alongside long-term partner Construction Control, Benmax successfully delivered the mechanical services for this impressive commercial building located at Brindabella Business Park, Canberra. At 35,000 m2, it is twice the size of any other office building located within the precinct, and its environmentally-advanced design supports a 5 Star Green Star rating and 5.5 Star NABERS base building energy rating.

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We design, build and maintain specialised mechanical systems for commercial and industrial facilities to provide healthy, safe and efficient indoor environments for people to live, work and play. We’ve spent three decades building our reputation. We’ve done that by doing a good job, and getting another job.