Contractor Induction

Benmax has launched a new online program to induct contractors into our HSEQ Management System.

If you are a company representative or business owner, you are required to register your company and employees into the system.

Once you have registered your company, please direct all of your employees who will be undertaking work on your behalf to register and complete their individual inductions. Works and access to site will only be permitted once the company and the individual worker/s have a valid QR code induction sticker.

There is no cost to complete the induction.

We recognise this is a change and we want to work together with contractors to successfully implement the new process.

Steps to complete the induction:

1. Company registration

A company representative must register your company. Click Company Registration to register.

Once your company is registered, you and your employees will need to register to complete your individual safety inductions. 
  • Sole traders/suppliers will need to register both their company and also register as an employee and complete the induction.
  • The same email address can’t be used to register a company and then used by an employee to register for induction. It must be a different email address.

2. Individual inductions

A) Nominated individuals will then need to head to Individual Induction to register.

Select the First time here? Click here to registetab located at the bottom of the Login Area on the Online Induction Home Page.

B) On the Registration page select the Benmax HSEQ Induction option, then click REGISTER.

C) Complete the registration details form.

Complete the Induction and upload all certificates and licences as requested.

QR code induction stickers will be generated and can be emailed to your company. Alternatively, Benmax can print the QR code induction stickers and your company will be notified when they can be collected from your local Benmax office.


  • When company or individual licences, certificates or tickets are uploaded to the portal, please ensure you input the expiry dates and correct contact information as the system will automatically let you know when expiry dates are approaching. This makes it easier for you and your employees to keep everything current.

Having trouble?

If you have any trouble with the induction platform, please email your local contact:


Christchurch (NZ):

Wellington (NZ):