Wairarapa College 2

Wairarapa College

Project Overview

Sector: Education
Location: New Zealand – North Island
Year Completed: 2019

Project Features

  • Five new external boiler enclosures to house the boilers, gas train, primary and secondary pumps, low loss header and controls
  • New underground pipe work for the reticulation of LPG to the five new boiler enclosures
  • Seismic restraint design and installation
  • 1 megawatt combined heating capacity of boilers and radiant heaters
  • 7 head variable volume 4 pipe refrigerant system to offices
  • Gym ventilation louvers and radiant heating

Project Details

Working in partnership with first time client Holmes Construction Group Ltd, Benmax completed the upgrade works at the secondary school site located in Masterton in mid-2019. The project involved the supply and install of new boilers and gas reticulation within the site, in addition to remediation works in the gymnasium facilities.

The age of the school buildings provided some challenges throughout the project period. With a range of equipment close to 80 years old, the team worked through a variety of integration issues across the site. With the school also having undertaken a range of expansion projects over the years, the team identified a series of equipment connected to the heating system that had not been documented or maintained. The team completed an audit of the school’s system and on completion of the project, all existing equipment was included in the as built drawings and the school was provided a condition report on its 500+ radiators.

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