Wairarapa College 2

Wairarapa College

Project Overview

Sector: Education
Location: New Zealand – North Island
Year Completed: 2019

Project Features

  • Five new external boiler enclosures to house the boilers, gas train, primary and secondary pumps, low loss header and controls
  • New underground pipe work for the reticulation of LPG to the five new boiler enclosures
  • Seismic restraint design and installation
  • 1 megawatt combined heating capacity of boilers and radiant heaters
  • 7 head variable volume 4 pipe refrigerant system to offices
  • Gym ventilation louvers and radiant heating

Project Details

Working alongside Holmes Construction Group Ltd, Benmax has now completed several upgrade projects at the historic Wairarapa College located in Masterton. Founded in 1938, the ageing school infrastructure needs repair with much of the mechanical services equipment close to 80 years old and not operating efficiently.

Over the years, the school has undertaken a range of expansion projects to accommodate student growth and new facility requirements. However, a lack of documentation combined with issues surrounding integration works between new and old systems provided some challenges for the Benmax team.

Mechanical works completed at the school have been varied and include the auditing and documentation of existing HVAC equipment, seismic restraint design and installation, supply and install of new external boiler enclosures (housing boilers, gas train, primary and secondary pumps, header and controls), new underground pipe work for gas reticulation, radiator replacements within the site, remediation works in the gymnasium facility, relocation of administration building boilers and associated inground services works, and the supply of outside air to existing office spaces.

Following the completion of individual stages of work, the team has ensured that information is added to As Built drawings to support further upgrade works into the future.

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