NOC Building

NOC Building

Project Overview

Sector: Data & Communications
Location: Australia - Canberra
Year Completed: 2008

Project Features

  • Occupied building
  • Tier III Data Centre
  • N+1 redundancy with no single point of failure
  • High efficiency operation
  • Heating and chilled water system upgrade
  • Air handling system upgrade
  • Switchboard redundancy
  • BMS and controls redundancy
  • UPS/Switch room air-conditioning redundancy
  • UPS/Switch room exhaust redundancy

Project Details

Awarded the contract for the upgrade of mechanical services at the purpose-built data facility located in Symonston, Canberra, Benmax successfully completed work on the project in 2007. The three storey 4,720m2 building incorporates the necessary features and required capabilities of a Tier III rated facility with the redundant and always active power supply ensuring there is minimal planned and unplanned downtime.

Mechanical services at the site include: CRAC units (N+1) ducted to computer racks; switchboards for electrical and controls; chilled water pipework upgrade; and VRV heat recovery air conditioning with ducted fan coil units to serve offices including tempered outside air systems.

To ensure the facility could operate at N+1 redundancy level with no single point of failure, upgrade works included: dual chilled water piping systems with motorized changeover valves; switchboard redundancy (MSSB-3 replaced by MSSB-3A, MSSB-3B and MSSB-3C); BMS and controls redundancy; UPS/Switch room air conditioning redundancy (N+1) and UPS/Switch room exhaust redundancy.

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