National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia

Project Overview

Sector: Government, Heritage
Location: Australia - Canberra
Year Completed: Varied

Project Features

  • Heritage listed building
  • Occupied building
  • Heating and chilled water system upgrade
  • Air Handling system upgrade
  • Critical pressurisation and smoke exhaust upgrade

Project Details

The National Library of Australia is the largest reference library in Australia. Under the terms of the National Library Act it is responsible for developing and maintaining a national collection of library material. This includes a comprehensive collection of invaluable library material relating to Australia and the Australian people. Currently, the library contains a collection totalling 10,416,119 items.

Since 1996, Benmax has undertaken numerous projects within the Commonwealth heritage listed building. Our ongoing relationship with the library has included  projects such as heating and chilled water upgrades, air handling system upgrade and an upgrade to the buildings critical pressurisation and smoke exhaust systems.

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