COVID-19 Surge Centre

COVID-19 Surge Centre

Project Overview

Sector: Government, Health & Research
Location: Australia - Canberra
Year Completed: 2020

Project Features

  • Delivered on behalf of ACT Government and Aspen Medical
  • Temporary Emergency Department
  • Six-week construction time frame
  • Mechanical services delivered in four weeks, from design to commissioning
  • 1,700 sqm (approx.) facility with capacity for 50 beds
  • BIM technology utilised
  • Prefabricated and preassembled HVAC equipment utilised

Project Details

A $23m temporary emergency medical facility constructed in just 36 days

Working in partnership with builder Manteena and Aspen Medical, Benmax successfully delivered the mechanical services for the $23 million temporary emergency department constructed alongside The Canberra Hospital in Garran, Canberra.

Officially completed in May 2020, the custom-built COVID-19 Surge Centre was constructed to support the ACT Government in their response to the evolving pandemic situation by boosting the territory’s medical capacity.

The facility took just seven days to plan, in consultation with the World Health Organization, and is a self-sufficient 1,700 sqm temporary building with capacity to provide up to six resuscitation bays, 32 acute non-admitted treatment bays and 12 short stay overnight beds.  Designed to flex up and down as demand requires, the facility will operate as long as the public health threat remains.

With a tight construction program of only six weeks, the Benmax team was well placed to deliver the project with in-house capacity to complete all stages of work from concept design and construction to commissioning.

A key element in meeting the delivery time frame for the mechanical services component of works was the use of prefabricated and preassembled equipment. This construction method proved highly beneficial as once the system design was finalised it allowed for much of the equipment to be built off site, in a controlled workshop environment, while the facility structure was being constructed.

Once access to the site was possible, the team transported the equipment to site and completed the installation in a significantly shorter period of time.  This process also ensured the highest standards of quality control and on-site safety were maintained despite the condensed program.

Benmax successfully completed work on the project in May 2020.

“We very much appreciate the efforts provided by Benmax. We recognise the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the mechanical works in 5 weeks was unprecedented. We hope you look back on your participation with pride knowing you responded professionally in a time the community needed you.”
Matthew Gygi, Project Manager – Aspen Medical


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