ANU NCI Data Centre

ANU NCI Data Centre

Project Overview

Sector: Data & Communications, Education
Location: Australia - Canberra
Year Completed: 2010

Project Features

  • Data centre
  • Operational building
  • Chilled and condenser water system upgrade
  • High level efficiency
  • Staged works undertaken

Project Details

Located at the Australian National University campus in Canberra, the facility houses a number of critical computer servers and data storage systems. The systems include the University Enterprise Production servers and storage and the University Supercomputing Facility (ANUSF), which hosts the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) National Facility.

Awarded the mechanical services contract for the project by Hindmarsh Construction, the project consisted of a new chilled water plant to serve the NCI National Facility computer centre ensuring high levels of performance, energy efficiency and maintainability for the facility.

Critical to the project was the programming and planning of staged works to ensure the installation of the new mechanical systems did not compromise the operation of the existing servers and data storage systems.

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