ANU Birch Building

ANU Birch Building

Project Overview

Sector: Education
Location: Australia - Canberra
Status: In Progress

Project Features

  • 11,148 sqm
  • Three storey building plus basement
  • Comprehensive refurbishment
  • Condensed construction program
  • 5 x PC1 Certified laboratories
  • 1 x PC2 Certified laboratory

Project Details

Awarded the mechanical services contract for the project by Hindmarsh Construction, Benmax has recently commenced on site at the Australian National University undertaking a major refurbishment of the Birch Building (Building 35). Constructed in 1967, the building previously housed the Research School of Chemistry but will now make way for dedicated contemporary teaching and MakerSpace facilities incorporating PC1 and PC2 certified research laboratories.

The building has been stripped to slab, columns and external walls to accommodate the new work with only the heritage listed fa├žade remaining. The existing roof has been removed and will be replaced with a new structure capable of supporting more than 35 x AHUs and 49 x fans.

Fume cupboards are incorporated throughout the build and while the current fit out comprises of only ten units, the system design will support an expansion of up to 50 cupboards in years to come. Approximately 50+ small risers, each running from ground level to level 3 ceiling space, are supported by five main risers. The combination of both small and large risers allows the fume cupboard exhaust duct to run in their own separate fire rated risers from ground level to the isolated fume cupboard exhaust room. The larger risers will house the supply and return air for the non-laboratory spaces.

The construction program for the project is tight with the Benmax team expected to complete work in early 2021.

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