Congratulations and thank you to our long term Benmax team members


Earlier this month, our team took time out to recognise and thank our long term team members for their valuable contribution and service to the company. This was the first time we have formally recognised tenure so the event was special (and big) for everyone involved.

With more than one quarter of our 140 strong team having been with Benmax for more than 10 years, it was great to acknowledge our people and to say thank you. Congratulations to everyone recognised at our Canberra and Christchurch events.

30+ years – Sean Cosgrove

20+ years – Alf Koenig, Bozo Bobanovic, Doug Jozing, Huon Simpkin, John Glavinic, Nigel Carlisle, Robert Brozic, Shane Withers and Terry Jozing

10+ years – Adam Buffier, Adam Streets, Alex Lawder, Andrew Donovan​, Andy Kolber Jr, Bryan Holloway, Daniel Sojkoski, Drew Blissett, Edward Francis, ​Geoff Brown, James Chatfield, John Clarke, John Duve, Keith Thomas, Lawrence Wells, Malcolm Fernie, Marc Morson, Mick Disisto, Shrivasta Rao, Stan Stankovic and Wayne Winter

5+ years – recognising those people from our Christchurch and Wellington teams that have been with us for more than 5 years and helped establish our business in New Zealand. Gary Rowe, Guillaume Mora, Raul Nguyen and Matthew Hunter.

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