Christchurch PM Sara Hinz demonstrates the benefits of BIM technology


The benefits of using Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the construction industry are becoming clearer and can’t be ignored. From improvements in programming and productivity, to site safety and fabrication strategies, the technology can add real value to a project and Benmax is pleased to be a driving force behind the use of the technology in both Australia and New Zealand.

Benmax project manager Sara Hinz recently delivered an informative presentation showcasing just one of the ways the Benmax team utilises BIM technology to benefit our project partners and clients.

The case study, presented at the BIMinNZ Christchurch event on 20 August, focused on the work of the Benmax team after they received an instruction from the client for a major change to the project at the Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct – after project completion. The change required more equipment to be added to an already tight plantroom. In this instance, the team 3D scanned the plantroom with all pipework and modelled the new equipment into the existing pipework. Sara presented on the process used by the Benmax team and the benefits to the builder and client.

Our work on the Precinct is not an isolated example of our use of BIM. The Benmax team have utilised a similar process on other projects including our current work at the UoO Dental School Redevelopment for their Blue Lecture Theatre retrofit.

Sara’s presentation has received positive feedback and we are pleased to have taken enquiries from local builders in Christchurch on how the Benmax team can assist them on future projects.

If you need an experienced partner to show you what is possible in the world of BIM, please get in touch. We’d love to have a chat about how the technology can assist you.


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