Benmax part of global supercomputer project team


Congratulations to National Computational Infrastructure (NCI Australia) and the Australian National University (ANU) on news this week that their supercomputer Gadi has landed at number 24 on this years TOP 500 global supercomputing rankings.

Housed at the ANU High Performance Computing Facility, Gadi is capable of performing over nine quadrillion operations per second and is the fastest supercomputer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Benmax is proud to have delivered the HVAC mechanical services for the construction of the ANU High Performance Computing Facility back in 2012, and was delighted to be given the opportunity to again deliver works at the site in 2020 when NCI Australia and the ANU completed an upgrade of the mechanical services at this facility.  Advancements in technology meant that the high-power computing systems housed at the site had become more energy efficient and an upgrade of the cooling system was required to reduce the overall energy consumption of the facility.

You can see more about the construction of the Gadi supercomputer and the work of the Benmax team in this movie clip posted by NCI Australia Constructing Australia’s fastest supercomputer.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this technical and complex project. It is a wonderful achievement for NCI Australia, the ANU and the broader Canberra community.

ANU High Performance Computing Facility

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