Benmax achieves certification under the Secure Local Jobs Code


Benmax is pleased to advise that we are now a Code Certified Entity under the ACT Government Secure Local Jobs Code. The Code is a recent initiative of the ACT Government and has resulted in changes to the way it awards contracts to better support businesses that do the right thing by their workers.

The Code strengthens the ACT Government’s procurement practices so that contracts are only awarded to businesses that meet the highest ethical and labour standards.

From the 15 January 2019, businesses tendering for construction​ work (along with cleaning, security or traffic management) must meet workplace standards as outlined in the Code and hold a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate. The new requirements create a fairer procurement process for ethical employers and holds to account businesses not meeting their industrial and legal obligations.

For more information on the Secure Local Jobs Code visit the ACT Government Secure Local Jobs Code website.

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