Sara Hinz
Project Manager

Sara Hinz, Project Manager

Sara Hinz is one of our star project managers. She’s responsible for keeping our projects on track and on time. In a short interview, Sara gives us some insight into her career and professional philosophy.

  1. Years of industry experience:

    5 years

  2. What led you to Benmax?

    I worked for a builder as a services coordinator. Benmax was my subby. I wanted to do more mechanical as I am a mechanical engineer and Benmax’s helpful and technical team wanted me to join them.

  3. What is your favourite thing about working with Benmax?

    The Christchurch team spirit.

  4. How would you describe the Benmax team?

    The (Christchurch) team is an honest, intelligent, smart, technology driven team that never lets a member down. We stand behind each other and if there is a problem we admit our mistakes, we sort them out and we learn from them.

  5. How has the Benmax team supported you in your role?

    Taken over tasks if I can’t deal with them, thinking ahead together, motivating each other.

  6. What has been the most interesting project to work on?

    The Christchurch Justice Precinct. I started the project with the builder and finished it off with Benmax. I was the only site-based person that was there from start to finish (from the ENTIRE construction team – all trades!). It was a frustrating job, but I learnt so much about mechanical services, people skills and myself. I also learnt about the skillset in our team and who is good at what which is helping us now.

  7. What three words to describe you?

    Detailed/quality driven, stubborn, black and white.

  8. Outside of work you enjoy?

    Weightlifting, my little weekend projects, cooking, travelling.