Martine Evans
Project Administrator

Martine Evans, Project Administrator

Martine Evans is a project administrator who uses her skills in planning and organisation to make our work succeed. As she explains, she’s benefited greatly from the training opportunities at Benmax, and she’s always felt that her efforts were appreciated.

  1. Years of industry experience:


  2. What led you to Benmax?

    A desire to advance my knowledge within the construction industry, and a need to work with a cohesive hard-working team.

  3. What is your favourite thing about working with Benmax?

    The friendly, supportive, family friendly environment. Also, that any team member of Benmax is always willing to help you when you need it. The fact the Benmax celebrates its victories and jobs well done.

  4. What sets Benmax apart from other businesses you have worked for?

    The extremely encouraging environment from the owners, management and all staff alike is beyond compare. I feel as though everyone at Benmax takes the time to get to know you and has a genuine interest in you and what you’re all about. It is a very special dynamic, that is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever worked.

  5. How would you describe the Benmax culture?

    Friendly, inclusive, supportive and always encouraging.

  6. How has Benmax supported you in your training/development?

    Apart from the inhouse training which is readily available from the staff who will always help you, Benmax sent me on a ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Texas USA to attend Procore’s Groundbreak 2018 Conference, where I was able to train with Procore directly. You can’t be much more supported than that!

  7. What three words describe you?

    Loyal, reliable, hardworking

  8. Outside of work you enjoy?

    Spending time with family and friends, following my son’s tennis games and the occasional Netflix binge!