James Chatfield
Leading Hand

James Chatfield, Leading Hand

James Chatfield arrived at Benmax with one trade already completed. He then began a second as a sheet metal worker. In the following chat, James tells us about his experience at Benmax and why it was the smart choice for his career.

  1. Years of industry experience:

    12 years

  2. Why did you choose Benmax?

    Because of the opportunities that presented themselves to me and the chance to choose a different career path to challenge and better myself.

  3. What is your favourite thing about working with Benmax?

    The diversity and variety of the things we do. And of course, mixing with everybody.

  4. How would you describe the Benmax team?

    A great team of hard-working people that come together to get the job done.

  5. How has Benmax supported you in your development?

    They provided me with the opportunity to obtain another trade as a sheet metal worker. They have also helped me to develop my leadership skills and still, up to today, further opportunities still present themselves.

  6. What has been your favourite project to work on?

    I cannot name a favourite project because I get a lot of satisfaction from the finished product after the job is complete, and the great job my team has done. But to throw one in the mix it would be ANU High Performance Computer Centre.

  7. What three words describe you?

    Meticulous, reliable, versatile.

  8. Outside of work you enjoy?

    Spending time with family and friends and keeping active in various sports.