Cameron Tye
Service Technician

Cameron Tye, Service Technician

As one of our service technicians, Cameron Tye is responsible for delivering the world-class maintenance for which we are renowned. We caught up with Cameron to chat about life at Benmax and what he loves about his job.

  1. Years of industry experience:

    10 years

  2. What led you to Benmax?

    Word of mouth. I was looking for a company to finish my sheet metal apprenticeship with and through conversation with people involved in the industry I was led to Benmax.

  3. What is your favourite thing about working with Benmax?

    I love the variety of work and the fantastic team that I work in.

  4. How would you describe the Benmax team?

    I believe we have the best team in the business. Benmax employs and trains the best staff in the game and we are all willing to help each other where and when required.

  5. How has Benmax supported you in your development?

    They have been a massive support to me with furthering my education/training. I approached senior management in 2014 and asked them if I could do another apprenticeship (refrigeration) within the business and they were very supportive and accommodating in making it happen. Also, they have put me through numerous training courses and are more than willing to accommodate any training we deem necessary to further our knowledge.

  6. What has been the most interesting project to work on?

    Tough question as I have worked on so many great projects over the years. One that stands out to me was working with a senior Benmax team member (AK) at the Canberra airport. This project stands out to me because of the fantastic people I worked with and the variety of work on the job. I was lucky to work with such an experienced and knowledgeable person in AK who taught me so much and made it a fun and enjoyable project.

  7. What three words describe you?

    Enthusiastic, passionate, team player.

  8. Outside of work you enjoy?

    Fishing, hunting, camping and most definitely spending time with my family.