Alex Lawder
Site Supervisor

Alex Lawder, Site Supervisor

Alex Lawder is a site supervisor who’s played a pivotal role in some of our most important projects. In this quick Q&A, Alex explains to us how, after 15 years in the industry, he still feels inspired and motivated for new challenges.

  1. Years of industry experience:

    16 years

  2. Why did you choose to work at Benmax?

    My stepbrother was a metal worker, he enjoyed the different aspects and wide range of challenges it threw at him. So, I thought I’d give it a crack fresh out of school.

  3. What do you enjoy about working with Benmax?

    Knowing the Benmax quality is far superior to anyone else in the industry. The family feel Benmax offers and the many different personalities Benmax employ.

  4. How would you describe the Benmax culture?

    Vast, multicultural and improving. Knowing that Benmax won’t rest on their laurels and are endeavouring to improve and grow is heart-warming.

  5. How has the Benmax team supported you to develop in your role and achieve your career goals?

    Benmax has always supported me to keep developing, keep learning and improving. Going through multiple courses and ongoing training has been extremely beneficial.

  6. What has been your favourite project to work on?

    AFP, John Curtin Building, Casey Shopping Centre, DIPB or 3 Molonglo. I enjoy different aspects of the building industry. Best part of the building industry is every day is different, every job is different.

  7. What three words describe you?

    Competitive, entertaining and ambitious.

  8. Outside of work you enjoy?

    Spending time with my family (two young girls) or doing something involving Footy! (AFL).