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Maintenance and Service

As part of the Benmax Group, BEMS Services helps ensure the functionality and sustainability of buildings by providing services, maintenance and support that ensure they run efficiently 24/7.


Established in 2000, Benmax Engineering and Maintenance Services (BEMS) offers peace of mind protection for your facility's air-conditioning, ventilation and mechanical services. Our tailored maintenance programmes are engineered to provide the most sustainable and economical solution for each facility. The team invests heavily in its personnel and equipment to ensure we are able to meet the client’s needs at every turn.

The cornerstone of BEMS success has been the ability to work as part of a team with building owners and property managers to meet objectives.  It is not only the skills and experience of the individuals, but it is the team approach of all BEMS staff that brings rewards and benefits to the project and to the end client.

Our commitment to providing the best peace-of-mind maintenance service is highlighted with the release of a new application for all service technicians. Developed in-house by the service and engineering team, the app provides instant reporting for technicians and clients on the status of their mechanical service all while providing critical historical data for on the spot accurate diagnosis.

We employ and train highly experienced and qualified technicians, and together with apprentices, they can provide the mechanical, electrical and refrigeration skills required for any job. Ongoing training and development programs ensure our staff stay up-to-date with current technologies and customer service requirements.

Our fleet of service vehicles provides quick 24/7 responses to any emergency situations.

The benefits of a maintenance program can be seem quite intangible. But how do you place a value on peace-of-mind? Benefits of the BEMS program can result in cost savings, or cost avoidance, in a number of ways:

  • Savings through early problem identification and programmed inspection
  • Optimisation and tuning
  • Efficient operation - avoiding increased energy consumption
  • Data driven maintenance through analytics
  • Longer life cycle of equipment, minimal downtime and fewer interruptions in operation
  • Dependability, peace-of-mind and tenant satisfaction
  • Reduction of tenant callouts