Working around a problem to find a solution

Take a functional working building full of existing services, occupants and important tenancies, decide it has chilled water demand reliability issues and then ask the contractor to upgrade the whole system without loosing cooling ability to any of its critical plant & equipment. A headache for some, an exciting challenge for Benmax. Partnered with Transfield services Benmax secured this project based on their expertise and ability to tender and produce around a challenge forseen at tender time. The challenge to keep all plant and equipment live with cooling while three cooling towers are replaced, one new chiller installed and the whole of the basement pump circuitry and pipework replaced and reconfigured. Folllowing on from stage 1, previously carried out by Benmax which included the duplication of chilled water pipework reticulating to all ground floor Telstra critical equipment, the existing ring main pipework plus sub circuits were renewed in stainless steel and victaulic fittings. Each new circuit having individual metering, the end goal being so Telstra could have redundancy in circuits and have accurate metering to establish

what was flowing out to the field, an area which was relatively unknown prior to works. Partnered with Siemens the goal was eventually made a reality without a single loss of cooling to any essential equipment. Many shutdowns and much co-ordination saw this project complete in around 9 months, giving the client a fully functioning, reliable and controlled chilled water system delivered in good time.

The Benmax Group has over 20 years experience in Data Centres and working together with Transfield was able to obtain substantial savings to the client. 

project overview

Year Completed: 2014

Project Type: Plant Upgrade

Client: Transfield Services

project features

  1. Live tapping and diversion of existing services
  2. Minor Building works and maintaining structural integrity
  3. Duplication of pipework to all critical plant.
  4. 700kW water cooled chiller
  5. 2100kW capacity V Bank type cooling towers
  6. Siemens Building Automation upgrade
  7. Accurate metering of chilled water and its designation