smarter, safer, greener

Australian Data Centres has built one of the most sophisticated data centres in Australia. The centre provides government agencies, along with the commercial sector, highly secure technical space for their IT requirements.  The demand for data centres has increased as organisations are consolidating their IT requirements, and office space, broom cupboards, spare meeting rooms, and old computer rooms are no longer acceptable for the growing power and security needs.  The back end mechanical and electrical infrastructure is at the heart of this data centre. Australian Data Centres has an ASIO T4 rating for security and has highly sophisticated monitoring for the entire building including down to the customer rack.

With the green rating of building’s now becoming more important, it is essential to move data out of office buildings and into an appropriate environment. Office buildings and old data centres have no capacity to cool the heat, and have too many points of failure.  Australian Data Centre’s building has no single point of failure. The back up system is by way of diesel rotary UPSs. These are an essential piece of back end infrastructure that supports the building in the event of power failures.


The facility will offer 3000m2 of Certified Tier 3 technical space. The design offers a great deal of flexibility accommodating multiple technologies and power densities.

project overview

Client:   Australian Data Centres
Builder:   Construction Control
Project Type:  Data Centre
Completion:  2013

project features

  • AGIMO approved
  • Uptime Tier 3 rated
  • 8 megawatt cooling capacity
  • 5 megawatt free cooling
  • Flexible accomodation
    • raised floor
    • hot isle
    • cold isle
    • precision in row cooling
  • Staged construction