Compliance with onerous standards within the service sector

A defence communication facility under the jurisdiction of the John Holland Group. The project, designed by local designers Rudds Consulting Engineers, was one of several large developments on the defence base which included upgrade of data storage and communication facilities. The works comprised a mix of critical and non-critical services serving an eclectic mix of domestic comfort cooling for open plan and cellular spaces, coupled with large scale cooling plus services redundancy for data storage areas. A domestic chiller and conventional boiler circuit serving numerous air systems and fan coils throughout the extension operated by a reliable controls system. Large data area air cooled with redundancy across four large air handlers, backed up with duplicate chilled water systems, duplicate chillers and twin chilled water storage tanks for discharge upon failure of chillers.

The witness testing for this project was integrated throughout all trades and carried out over a three-month period with extensive interrogation to ensure every service interacted as required. Incorporation of 800kW of electric heater banks were used to simulate server room cooling.

project overview

Year Completed: 2013

Project Type: Offices & Data Storage

Client: John Holland Group

project features

  • N+2 failure with run and standby chillers (900kW capacity) plus tank storage
  • 40,000L vertical storage tanks
  • Air and water cooled data room
  • General air conditioning to offices, conference rooms and amenities
  • Critical power installation to allow power to data rooms to be maintained at all times
  • Reliable controls system