The CIT Bruce Sustainable Skills Training Hub saw Benmax undertake its fifth tri-generation system, constructed of highly insulating materials, and employing a number of passive energy efficiency measures designed to minimise the requirement for cooling and heating to summer and winter peaks respectively.

The purpose of the building, and its services, is to present engineering students with an opportunity to study and experiment with various types of modern high efficiency building cooling / heating / ventilation solutions in a fully operational building.

The systems installed in the building included gas-fired condensing style boilers, capstone micro turbine, solid fuel bio-fuel or wood waste boiler, natural gas powered fuel cell, absorption chiller, heat exchangers, flat panel solar hot water, reverse cycle heat pump chiller, geothermal lake water loop, dry and spray cooler, passive and active multi service chilled beams, panel radiators, in-slab heating and cooling coils.

project overview

Client:  Canberra Institute of Technology

Builder:  Project Coordination (Aust) Pty Ltd

Year Completed: 2010

Project Type:  Education

project features

  • Tri-generation
  • Training facility
  • Geothermal heat rejection