The Australian War Memorial is a unique national institution. The current proposal is to construct a new storage/staff facility to allow the redevelopment of the existing Post 1945 Conflicts Galleries. 

The extension to the Australian War Memorial of approximately 3000 square metres to the east of the main Memorial building to house 65 staff and paper based Research Centre collection. Benmax delivered the highest quality in mechanical services and commissioning wish were critical in the maintenance of air quality, temperature and humidity for preservation.

The building of approximately 3265 square metres gross floor area and will include:

  • Two storey building (3,050 m2)
  • Underground tunnel (215m2) linking the East Building to Memorial research area for staff
  • Workshop, Photography and Education and Visitor Services Offices to upper level
  • Research Collection storage and Curator Offices to lower level

The building has a standalone air conditioning system with chillers and boilers independent of the existing Memorial building. Two air cooled package type chillers and two gas fired hot water boilers provide cooling and heating for air conditioning systems.

Due to air quality requirement separate air handling systems were provided for the following areas: -

  • Collection Storage, provided with close tolerance temperature and humidity control
  • Research Collection, Education and Visitor Services Offices provided with comfort quality air conditioning
  • Photography, provided with process air conditioning to suit special requirements
  • Workshop provided with heating and ventilation

Air handling systems for comfort quality and also photography included outside air economy cycle and current technology energy saving techniques.

project overview

Client: Australian War Memorial

Builder: St Hilliers Pty Ltd

Year Completed: 2005

Type: Research

project features

  • Maintain very close tolerances of temperature and humidity,
  • High quality finishes
  • Economy and energy saving design