Built in 1940, the Drill Hall Gallery is a heritage listed building located in Canberra’s city centre and managed by the Australian National University. The building offers an intimate art gallery venue comprising of four discrete exhibition spaces and is used primarily to showcase the art work of the university and as a venue for temporary exhibitions from Australian and international artists.

Wanting to attract high profile exhibitions and art works from other galleries, the ANU engaged Benmax to complete a mechanical system upgrade of the building to meet the strict temperature and humidity control conditions required to minimise the risk of deterioration to the works of art. Needing to ensure the character of the gallery spaces were not impacted, upgrade works needed to be unobtrusive and completed without compromising the heritage features of the building.

Completing the design and construction of the upgrade project to improve the internal conditions within the gallery and storeroom spaces, Benmax completed a full redesign and upgrade of the mechanical systems, installation of Building Management Controls System, and significant works to improve the sealing of the building fabric to support improved efficiencies throughout the building.

project overview

Client: Australian National University

Project Type: Heritage / Arts

Builder: GE Shaw

Project completion: 2015

project features

•   Heritage listed building

•   Discrete exhibition spaces and storage facilities

•   Strict temperature and humidity control

•   CO2 control measures

•   Discreet perforated swirl diffusers

•   AHUs supplying main gallery space

•   Pre-conditioning AHUs feeding correctly humidified air to dedicated FCUs for each gallery

•   Storage tanks for chilled and heating water

•    Building Management Controls System