The Australian Federal Police Forensics and Data Centre Facility located in Majura, Canberra, is a 13,600 sqm state-of-the-art building encompassing the latest advances in science and technology. The purpose built facility provides highly specialised spaces and a strict level of compliance ensuring the AFP maintains its world-class standards in forensic operations, forensic science policy, research and training. 

The facility includes all scientific disciplines in the one location including crime scene analysis, firearms, fingerprints, criminalistics and identification sciences, forensic imaging, digital forensics and Technical and Forensic Intelligence with the capacity to provide exemplary forensic capabilities for the next 30 years of operation.

The design of the facility incorporates significant environmental benefits, including energy efficiency initiatives and water conservation measures, which needed to be considered and catered for in the mechanical services design of the buildings.

Benmax were engaged by Cockram Construction Ltd to complete the mechanical services installation and commissioning for the project including complex mechanical operations such as: humidity control, filtration, high air change rates, air pressurisation and 100% fresh air systems, fume cupboards and local exhaust systems. Our in-house knowledge of these systems, and expertise in commissioning for the physical containment conditions, proved highly beneficial throughout the project.

project overview

Year Completed: 2015
Project Type: Research/ Laboratory
Client: Cockram Construction

project features

  1. PC2 & PC3 Laboratories
  2. Humidity control
  3. High air change rates
  4. Air pressurisation and 100% fresh air systems
  5. Fume cupboards
  6. Local exhaust systems