The 9000sqm commercial development at 255 London Circuit (City Section 10, Block 20) Canberra comprises of six office levels (ground, Levels 1-5) a roof plantroom level and three basement carpark levels as part of an integrated fitout for AusAID.

The mechanical services were designed to achieve a 5 star ABGR rating and 5 star Green Star rating for the base building.  It is the requirement for the development to achieve design and as-built ratings for both the 5 star ABGR and Green Star ratings upon completion of the project.

The building will be served by a central roof mounted air cooled chiller system comprising multiple low temperature chilled water chillers sized for the cooling and dehumidification of the primary air systems with a heat exchanger and high temperature chilled beam circuit for the chilled beams cooling requirements.

The building will be served by a central roof mounted, natural gas fired, heating water system comprising multiple modulating,  atmospheric, condensing hot water boilers.

Cooling for open-plan office areas will be provided via a variable 100% fresh air primary air solution distributed through adjustable swirl ceiling outlets mounted on the perforated tile ceiling and passive chilled beams reticulated via a reverse return pipe system suspended in the ceiling void concealed by the perforated ceiling.

project overview

Client: Kondouris Group

Project Type: Grade A Commercial/ 4.5 star Nabers

Year: 2007

project features

  • 5 Star ABGR
  • 5 Star Green Star
  • Grade A Commercial
  • Passive Chilled Beam