Knowledge and experience key at new national biocontainment laboratory

31 07 17

From the largest current heritage restoration project in the world (The Christchurch Arts Centre), to now the latest, most cutting edge biocontainment facility - with technology comparable to anywhere in the world and deemed a building of national significance - Benmax continues to lead the industry in its work completing complex and challenging projects. 

Construction on the Ministry for Primary Industries (NZ) high level National Biocontainment Laboratory in Wallaceville, Upper Hutt, is now well underway. The state of the art facility will meet international best practice for handling pathogens and will utilise the most sophisticated systems and safety features in the world. Befitting the nature of the project, the mechanical services component is 'high spec' and forms the basis of the buildings ability to operate as a high-risk pathogen containment unit.

The knowledge and experience of the Benmax team has been crucial in managing the highly detailed and technically challenging requirements of the project.  The facility must have the capacity to withstand a one in 2500-year earthquake. This not only extends to the building's structure, but also to the mechanical equipment’s internal componentry, requiring near bespoke equipment and the latest in construction and installation methodologies.

Benmax has just completed the development of an off site 'mock up' space replicating the PC3 (Physical Containment Level 3) area in the eventual build. This is where some of the equipment will be trialled and installation methodologies finalised prior to the main install. This approach will also assist in reducing on site hours later in the project and ensure the systems are accurately installed to the exact design requirements. The team is due to commence on site installation in September so stay tuned for more information.