Experience the key at Castle Towers Shopping Centre

02 05 17

Owned by the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), the Castle Towers Shopping Centre, located in West-Sydney, is currently undergoing a major transformation that when complete will see it become Australia’s second largest shopping precinct. The large-scale urban renewal program will add a further 80,000 sqm to the site and will significantly reconfigure and reinvigorate Castle Towers to ensure it continues to meet the needs of customers and retail partners into the future. A key aim of the project is to deliver forward-thinking community-gathering spaces with a focus on lifestyle, recreation, entertainment, experiential events and dining, all within an outstanding retail destination.

Benmax secured the mechanical services contract for Stage 2 Enabling Works for the project commencing on site in late October 2016.  The project, due for completion in early 2018, includes the demolition of three existing and operational central chilled water plantrooms, and the rebuilding of two new plantrooms which house new equipment comprising of:

  • Six new and three existing and relocated water cooled chillers, with a total capacity of 29,000 kW of cooling
  • Nine super quiet high volume BAC cooling towers
  • 27 primary and secondary chilled and condenser water pumps
  • Three natural gas fired boilers

One of the major challenges for the project is maintaining uninterrupted operation of the shopping centres cooling conditions whilst constructing and reconfiguring multiple new central energy plants, within the same plant space as the demolished plantrooms. The work of the Benmax digital engineering team, utilising BIM and 3D viewing platforms, has greatly assisted in ensuring this can occur.

The experience of Project Manager Andrew Buls, who joined the Benmax team in February 2017, is proving highly beneficial in managing the operations of this complex project. Supported by pipefitters Grant, Andrew and the team from Sydmec, the Castle Towers redevelopment demonstrates the skills and expertise the Benmax team is renowned for.

For more information on the project visit www.castletowers.com.au.