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Benmax is a quality endorsed company and a leading mechanical services provider specialising in the design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and service of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Employing more than 140 staff, our team operates across six locations in Australia and New Zealand - Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

With a strong reputation for quality, Benmax has successfully completed numerous multi-million dollar, highly complex and diverse projects earning a reputation as the preferred mechanical services contractor for many public and private sector clients.

Through our commitment to continual improvement, and the requirement to meet the changing environmental landscape, Benmax embraces new technology and work practices through an ongoing investment in our people and business processes. This ensures we can meet and exceed client expectations, comply with industry standards and regulations and importantly, deliver projects on time, at the highest quality and the best value for money.

Our client's experience is authentic and genuine – conducted by highly experienced and skilled officers, contemporary engineers and specialists at the leading edge of their respective fields who understand your mindset and your requirements. We recognise that as a client you want a quality, trouble-free experience. Our detailed understanding of your project means we anticipate on your behalf, supporting you throughout the process and making it seem easy.

Our reputation is based on delivering high quality, consistently. To achieve this, we employ and train our own people ensuring we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, improvements and equipment available to the industry. You can trust our knowledge, commitment and reliability.

Our reputation, solution based delivery, and after-sales service represent the best overall value to you. It will always be worth more to you, and cost you less in the long run, to use Benmax.


Benmax Policies


Benmax operates in Australia and New Zealand we have established a reputation as being a leading Mechanical Services contractor in both countries.

We aim to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and maintain a high level of workmanship and performance.

The Company also seeks to meet regulatory standards and community expectations, including for safety and environmental matters.

Our policy is to provide each employee with a safe and healthy workplace and to work to continually improve our environmental performance.  These aspects of the Company Policy are further defined in its Safety Policy and its Environmental Policy.

To achieve this, the Company is committed to implementing an integrated management system that addresses quality, safety and environmental matters in accordance the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 and AS/NZS ISO 14001 and to setting objectives and targets and measuring and improving performance.

The Company’s management system is documented in its Operations Manual.

Benmax applies appropriate resources to the delivery of its projects and the maintenance of its management system.



Benmax is a company operating as a mechanical services contractor in Australia and New Zealand.   Its services cover the supply and installation of air-conditioning equipment and, as applicable, the design of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

It is the policy of our company to achieve production with a co-operative and on-going commitment to the health and safety of all employees.  Management recognises its obligation of duty of care to provide a safe place in which to work; to devise safe work procedures and continuously train employees through management and specialist courses; to provide adequate safety equipment, and establish and enforce safety rules for employees. 

All levels of employees will therefore co-operate and contribute to obtaining that degree of safety which will allow the optimum employment of personnel and plant, and retain the right to refuse to work in conditions which can be considered reasonably unsafe.

All employees have a responsibility to themselves, the Company, their fellow workers and the public to work safely, obey safety rules, use proper safety equipment, and report all accidents, substandard acts and substandard conditions.  Employees in management, supervisory and in general employment positions will accept responsibility for defined health and safety tasks as in the Benmaxs’ Operations Manual.

Management will provide all resources, eg. Materials, equipment and training to ensure that all work is able to be carried out safely.

The Company is committed to complying with legislation, codes of practice and standards, customer safety requirements and the powers and functions of the Health and Safety Representatives.

We are committed to establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination of work-related injury and illness.

Benmax is committed to the effective rehabilitation of all employees in appropriate positions.



Benmax is a company operating as a mechanical services contractor

In Australia and New Zealand.   Its services cover the supply and installation of air-conditioning equipment and, as applicable, the design of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

The Company recognises and accepts that concern for the environment is a fundamental part of its corporate business strategy.  We are committed to continual improvement in managing our operations in a manner that prevents or minimises our impact on the environment and the prevention of pollution.  Our commercial objective has to be matched by a determination that our operations should not degrade the environment, or expose anyone to an unacceptable level of risk.

While the Directors recognise that they are ultimately responsible for the

Company’s environmental performance, all Company personnel are accountable for actions which affect the Company’s environmental performance.

The Company seeks to achieve industry best practice, where economically

 feasible, but recognises and accepts that compliance with all relevant environmental laws and customer requirements is our minimum standard.

Specifically, the Company will:

  • Implement a documented management system to meet the aims of this policy,
  • Ensure that this policy is communicated to all personnel involved in our operations,
  • Provide all personnel with adequate training and information to meet their environmental    obligations,
  • Provide adequate instruction to all consultants, contractors and suppliers to
  • ensure that they conform to appropriate environmental safeguards whilst
  • Under our control, and
  • Periodically review and update this policy as required.



Right product, on time, as planned.

Benmax was established in 1986 and is recognised as a leader in its field. The principal activity of Benmax is in the design, supply, installation, maintenance and commissioning of air conditioning and mechanical services.

It is the policy of the management of Benmax to provide superior customer service through the use of quality materials and the provision of quality workmanship with reliable and cost-effective delivery. The Benmax Management System (BMS) is in place to ensure that this objective can be met.

The nature of the services offered by Benmax places particular emphasis upon experience, workmanship, capability and quality. The company attaches major importance to competition based on quality and a high degree of customer satisfaction ensuring repeat business.

The philosophy in adopting the quality approach is to offer a consistent, logical approach to our business ensuring that it is practised in our every-day activities while having due regard for the minimisation of risk and the maximisation of opportunities presented to the business. The quality approach to our business has the support of our Directors, management and all of our employees.

As part of the commitment to continually improve quality, Benmax places special emphasis on its employees, and fulfilling client requirements. Legislative requirements, Company policy and procedures are documented and are paramount to our client’s satisfaction and our continued success.

Integral to our company is the employee’s work environment and our commitment to their well-being, health and safety, as encapsulated in this policy.